Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bridge Competition

A few weeks ago I spotted the above local newspaper advertising a bridge competition. Well how can I not enter with $500 to be won. Its just a small local comp and I highly doubt they will actually build any of the entries provided so I decided to create a pretty little bridge design with ink and watercolour. Does it remind you of a 60’s illustration? It seems to have a bit of that vibe. So I thought why not enter and see what happens.


Uni Begins…

I start uni again tomorrow and while i’m apprehensive about the amount of work i’ll be getting, i’m glad my mind will be getting in gear for some intense design thinking. I just wanted to put up some drawings I did last year for a project in Prague. While I think the project was pretentious, irrelevant and downright disgusting (an anatomy theatre inside an old gothic church) I enjoyed drawings the landscape of Prague. And even though the roof plan took me three days of drawing roof tiles on every single building, I think it was worth it (even if my tutors didn’t) 😉


So its the first post i’m making on this blog and i’m excited to get started. It’s A blog about all the creative things I hear, see and do, along with my own creations. Basically the idea came from quitting a dead boring job that was uninspiring and a waste of time and I felt like there was more to life than putting shoes on ungrateful customers feet. Also, this is something i’ve wanted to do for a while. Its basically my own ‘design’ filled adventure through life and this blog is my way of documenting it. I want to post my first photo that I took a few days ago of the city. I’ve seen this view many times before but only stopped to take a photo this time. The sky scrapers look like wrapped up candy bars sitting in an old lolly shop. or is that just my imagination?