What’s been going on?

I know… i haven’t posted in quite a while. And the reason is because i have been extremely lazy and procrastinational the past few weeks. My illustration/book progress has also been extremely slow. It was just lack of inspiration. And I think it happens to all of us. And in those situations i know i personally feel like im never going to create anything ever agin because I feel all creativity has been wiped out of me. and then something comes along and kicks you in the arse with motivation and inspiration and you feel you can do anything. So you might be wondering what that thing was that brought me back… I rediscovered evanescence. How strange! i haven’t listened to their music for ages, and seemed to completely forget about them. Back when i was in school i used to get really motivated with their music, you know when i was pumping iron (lifting weights) but that didn’t last long because nothing makes that interesting. I honestly dont know how people spend their life in the gym lifting weights and running on a treadmill. it would have to be one of the most boring things to do (in my opinion of course). But anyway… yeah evanescence is cool!

Some other things have been happening to excuse myself from blogging and drawing. I had my uni graduation, which was a fun day. And i’ve been meeting up with friends from uni that I haven’t seen for a long time. Also reading and doing podcasts. Everyone should do podcasts. so yeah… i really haven’t done that much actually.

At the moment I’m reading the Solitaire Mystery by Jostein Gaarder. I’ve got a few more chapters left until i finish. I reserve my judgement of the book until i finish completely because at the moment im not sure what i think. Jostein Gaarder is the writer of my all time favourite book ‘Sophie’s World’, and ive read a few of his books but nothing compares to that. You know that question “if you were prime minister/president/world ruler what’s the first thing you would do”. My answer would be to get everyone to read Sophie’s world. Read It!

BTW you might have noticed that the blog layout and style has changed AGAIN! i knew i would be changing it constantly but i get sick of myself being so indecisive! cant i just stick with a layout! well lets see how long this one lasts (please last!)


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