Sydney can be fun!

I always used to complain how boring Sydney was. i don’t remember why, and can most likely link it to a really whingy point of my life. But I as i was casually walking through the city streets, eating thai, chatting and laughing with great friends I realised how great it is to even live so close to such a city. Only downfall is the train trip home. omg it feels like it takes forever. But i came home empty handed, I didnt buy a single thing (except dinner) and i felt good. I probably sound like someone with an addiction but i can’t help myself. i’m a hoarder and a collector. What i will say is that we went into zara (which just opened here) and it is still packed with people weeks later after the opening! its crazy. When i was in europe last year i bought some amazing things from zara but this collection they’ve got in australia is not thrilling me. the mens stuff is pretty bland. the photos are random snapshots from tonight.


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