Paris I Wish

The internet is a strange thing. You can meet so many people that you usually wouldn’t have the chance to and get to know people in a way that you never could in real life. But what if you met a friend in person that you had only ever known through the internet. Would you interact differently? Would you get along? I don’t know how people can date online. Im just thinking about this because I see a lot of the same people everyday on the internet, wether it be blogs or visual diaries or other websites. And its almost like being at school. logging on and going to the same blog, seeing what that person is doing. But you really have no idea what they are like as a person. Just thinking about how the internet has changed things so much.

Photos are from today, in a tunnel going under a highway. kind of creepy… I wear this t-shirt so much. And all it is, is a souvenir t-shirt from a tourist shop in Paris, near the Louvre. It was really cheap too. I really wish i was in Paris right now.

Shirt – Vintage Pierre Cardin
T-Shirt – Paris tourist shop
Pants – Dr. Denim
Shoes – Vans


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