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Op Shopping

Its the long weekend! I went with my friend for an op shopping adventure and lunch. And we always have to dress up. its protocol. The photos are of our time in our favourite shop. Unfortunately there were not many tables to prop up the camera on so there’s some weird tilts and perspectives. great fun though! I’ll post photos of this look tomorrow.


What to Wear Today…

It is so cold this morning. Winter is definitely coming. Today i’m going to a concert at the local performing arts centre to see a friend play. What to wear, the eternal question… The photos are from inside my wardrobe which is currently about to explode. Also, its probably obvious but i got a new haircut. But they didn’t cut my fringe right! so now i have to let it grow again.
Ok well i’ll post more images up later of my day. Hope its not too freezing!

Work Space

I always change my work space and bedroom around whenever I’m looking for a new start, motivation or inspiration. It makes everything feel fresh. I love it when it feels cluttered and packed in with furniture. Not into this minimalism.
I’m working on another drawing at the moment so that should hopefully be up in the next few days.



So last weekend there was a festival up in the mountains called Ironfest. its a massive steam punk/gothic/metal festival thing where people dress up in costumes and pretend they’re from lord of the rings or some other crazy characters. I’m personally not interested in all that stuff but my mum is a fan so we all went along. and yes, it was pretty entertaining. I didn’t get many good photos though because it was absolutely freezing. i think it was 2 degrees and very windy. I wanted to rush out of there though because it was freezing, it got lame pretty quickly and i was meeting friends for dinner in the city.

I’m Back!

After a bit of a bl0gging break im back and dedicated. Heres a montage of whats been happening. nothing much really.

Sydney can be fun!

I always used to complain how boring Sydney was. i don’t remember why, and can most likely link it to a really whingy point of my life. But I as i was casually walking through the city streets, eating thai, chatting and laughing with great friends I realised how great it is to even live so close to such a city. Only downfall is the train trip home. omg it feels like it takes forever. But i came home empty handed, I didnt buy a single thing (except dinner) and i felt good. I probably sound like someone with an addiction but i can’t help myself. i’m a hoarder and a collector. What i will say is that we went into zara (which just opened here) and it is still packed with people weeks later after the opening! its crazy. When i was in europe last year i bought some amazing things from zara but this collection they’ve got in australia is not thrilling me. the mens stuff is pretty bland. the photos are random snapshots from tonight.

Going Out

Going out to see some friends from uni for some dinner and window shopping. Always good to take time to look and restrain oneself from purchasing. Last week i had japanese with some friends and the raw fish didnt sit to well in my stomach. i think today i’ll go for a salad. or something just as plain and unoffensive to the stomach. Always nice hanging out in the city at night. prefer it to the day time. ok well taking my camera so might have some shots when i come home.

Duffle Coat – Zara
Sweater – Pringle
Shirt – Ralph Lauren
Pants – Dr. Denim
Boots – Ann Demeulemeester

Fun Times

What a funny day today. I met my friend caitlin for a catch up with the weekly stories and a adventure in the village and up the mountain, and of course the op shops. We always get board though and start making crazy things up and dressing up in the shops. We were actually looking for some witches hats and costumes for a harry potter tour we are going on soon! it involves learning magic spells, getting sorted into houses and catching the hogwarts express! i know… its probably a thing for little kids… but we’ve been fans for longer than them!!! anyway it will be really fun and exciting. its up the very top of the blue mountains in an old steam train so looking forward to it. there will definitely be photos when that happens.

We got so hungry today because we forgot about lunch, and we went to about 3 places, sat down, pretended to talk on the phone and left because we didn’t like the food, and ended up going to get pizza. And because we were so hungry we ate it on a bench in the middle of everything (the last photo). we must have looked like hobo’s. but it was funny. i’m so tired from laughing!

PS. I’m going to be posting something, maybe later today or tomorrow that ive been wanting to do for a while.