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10.06.2011 look

Sweater – Pringle
Jacket – Industrie
Pants – Dr. Denim
Shoes – Zara



Paris I Wish

The internet is a strange thing. You can meet so many people that you usually wouldn’t have the chance to and get to know people in a way that you never could in real life. But what if you met a friend in person that you had only ever known through the internet. Would you interact differently? Would you get along? I don’t know how people can date online. Im just thinking about this because I see a lot of the same people everyday on the internet, wether it be blogs or visual diaries or other websites. And its almost like being at school. logging on and going to the same blog, seeing what that person is doing. But you really have no idea what they are like as a person. Just thinking about how the internet has changed things so much.

Photos are from today, in a tunnel going under a highway. kind of creepy… I wear this t-shirt so much. And all it is, is a souvenir t-shirt from a tourist shop in Paris, near the Louvre. It was really cheap too. I really wish i was in Paris right now.

Shirt – Vintage Pierre Cardin
T-Shirt – Paris tourist shop
Pants – Dr. Denim
Shoes – Vans

What’s Happening?!

Where does the time go? Its half way through the year already. I am desperately looking for a job but there really isn’t any opportunities for an architecture around these days. so frustrating! Also, its winter and its absolutely freezing! Lately all i’ve been doing is taking photos, drawing, job hunting and hanging out with friends. I really need a job to keep my life on track and start making money! Btw I should have a new drawing up really soon! I dont know why it takes me so long…
These photos I took at the end of the afternoon at a lookout in the bush.

Jumper – Thrifted
Skivvy – Thrifted
Coat – Zara
Scarf – Some London Cashmere shop
Boots – Italian Shoes

Never let someone else use your camera!

I went to the gym this morning and then after had a late breakfast with a friend. After we decided to take a few photos in the park but i forgot my tripod! so basically i had to get my friend to take some photos. I have learnt my lesson. Never trust anyone with your camera because they will not treat it with the respect it deserves! On the plus side breakfast was delicious! scrambled eggs and grilled haloumi. anyway I did get a few good shots out of the day. I am going to go and continue drawing now.

Shirt – Ralph Lauren
Sweater – Ralph Lauren
Jeans – Levis

It Feels Like Friday

I know its monday, and the start of the week but it seriously feels like friday to me! i think its because holidays are coming up. And also because I spent the day at the shopping centre finding an outfit for my friend who is going to a wedding. Seriously, if you will trust me on one thing, its clothes. She looked great btw. A possible photo shoot maybe?
I took these photos this arvo as the light was going. Living near the bush can be creepy at night. So i was half running home when it got dark :s

Sunglasses – Persol
Shirt – H&M
Jacket – Zara
Jeans – Levis
Sneakers – Vans

Platform Play

Just got home from seeing my friend play for his concert. It was fantastic i have to say. The highlight would have to be the bagpipes and their drummers with twirling batons with glow sticks in the dark. thats the best way I can describe it. It was amazing. And because its sunday no one is on the trains. So it was pretty quiet on the way home. I took some photos at the station getting back home. Love photographing in places at night that would usually be busy during day time.

Shirt – Dior
Jeans – Levis
Sneakers – Vans

What to Wear Today…

It is so cold this morning. Winter is definitely coming. Today i’m going to a concert at the local performing arts centre to see a friend play. What to wear, the eternal question… The photos are from inside my wardrobe which is currently about to explode. Also, its probably obvious but i got a new haircut. But they didn’t cut my fringe right! so now i have to let it grow again.
Ok well i’ll post more images up later of my day. Hope its not too freezing!

Japanese Style

Well one of my best friends is over in Japan at the moment for study. So I’m dedicating this post and photo shoot to her. I got out the shop sticks and rice and got a bit of japanese inspiration for the day.

Shirt – Thrifted
Jacket – H&M
Jeans – Edwin
Shoes – Vans