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So I wanted to show you all the two books I bought yesterday. Im supposed to be saving money but i can never resist an illustrated book. Below are two covers that I love.

The first one is this book for Penguin’s 75th anniversary “Penguin 75”. Its a collection of some of their book covers with comments by the authors and the illustrators. Quite entertaining and full of fantastic covers.

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, Illustrated by Jeffrey Brown

Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, Illustrated by Anders Nilsen

The second book is by my favourite illustrator ever. Edward Gorey. When I saw the book I just had to get it because for some reason I find his books so hard to find! Its called “The Utter Zoo! an Alphabet”. Typical Gorey, so great.

Both books have given me a lot of inspiration for the children’s book i’m making!