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Prince of Podcasts

Something that i would recommend to everyone is a podcast called ‘Stuff you missed in History Class‘. It is my favourite podcast about little pockets of history. And I suggest that all of you listen to it. I love the two hosts and how they are so interested in what they are talking about. very enjoyable. Its funny though its kind of a secret with my friends as I don’t mention it to them. If they ask what Im listening to I say “Oh… umm just some music…”. I actually don’t know why because I love doing podcasts and audio books. Anyway… the whole point of this is that quite a few of the podcast episodes i’ve listened to lately have been about young children rising to the throne, and usually coming to tragic ends. I was thinking about these poor kings and princes and the feeling of having a whole kingdom in your control! what a thought. And what a place to be thinking about this but in my architectural technologies class :/ And this prince or King came flowing out of my pen. Im not sure if he is asleep or if he has been poisoned!

Meet Cindy and Tina. My lunch buddy and I have a strange fascination with these two girls names. I don’t know why… But in kind of related news, today while browsing the books at the uni bookshop (I couldn’t resist buying two) we went to our usual spot at the section of children’s books and all the fantastic illustrations. Thats when we decided to have a competition/assignment between us. We have to create our own children’s book before next monday lunch. It’s quite exciting actually. I can’t wait to see what we both come up with. I shall keep you posted.