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Signe Chanel is a documentary of the process of creation of a haute couture collection for Chanel. I’ve watched it twice and find the whole process facinating. I love all the characters and the workmanship and Karl Lagerfeld‘s sketches, and how the small drawings he creates with pen and pastels become a collection of real life clothing. (Above is my own little Chanel inspired sketch with some experimentation with the few pastels I own).

I’ve pieced together two sketches from the film (the camera glances over them quickly so heres a better look!). Lagerfeld’s fashion illustrations are are so french and tres chic.

One thing I love about the film is that it shows all the people working on the clothing, and all of them are real crafters from the Chanel Seamstresses, to the shoe makers to the braid maker. And all within the vicinity of Paris!

Its a very enjoyable documentary and gives a little insight into what really goes on behind the scenes of a major fashion label like Chanel. The Documentary is in 5 episodes which are all broken up into 10 minute videos on youtube so you can watch the whole series on there! Start from Episode 1 Part 1 HERE and work your way on from there! Enjoy!


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So I wanted to show you all the two books I bought yesterday. Im supposed to be saving money but i can never resist an illustrated book. Below are two covers that I love.

The first one is this book for Penguin’s 75th anniversary “Penguin 75”. Its a collection of some of their book covers with comments by the authors and the illustrators. Quite entertaining and full of fantastic covers.

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton, Illustrated by Jeffrey Brown

Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales, Illustrated by Anders Nilsen

The second book is by my favourite illustrator ever. Edward Gorey. When I saw the book I just had to get it because for some reason I find his books so hard to find! Its called “The Utter Zoo! an Alphabet”. Typical Gorey, so great.

Both books have given me a lot of inspiration for the children’s book i’m making!

A Day well spent

What a surprise, I spent the day scribbling in my sketch book instead of doing uni work. It rained for about 5 minutes today with a slight bit of thunder but I wish it lasted longer! I desperately want it to rain in this heat. And rainy, stormy, windy weather is my favourite!

Today I asked someone who their favourite illustrator was, and their answer was Aubrey Beardsley. So I looked them up and… OMG I love his drawings and seen them in so many books, but never knew his name. I tried out this border above when i was looking at some of his illustrations which have ornate borders. This is definitely something I will be working on and experimenting with.