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Above is some  origami paper for you all to use. I’m loving all these bright colours at the moments. I think its the influence of prada and jil sander on everyone at the moment. What i would give for a pair of those prada brogues… (theyre everywhere except my feet!)



I am very confused at the moment about life. About where i’m going and what i’m doing and everything thats happening to me. 2011 is definately turning out to be a year of despair and destruction. And i’m not just talking about myself. There has been natural disasters one after the other; The Queensland floods and huricane, bush fires in various parts of Australia and of course the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My thoughts go out to all involved and think its a good idea for you to all donate.

But life goes on, even though it seems it never will and sometimes it just isn’t the same again but you have to keep going. Time waits for no one. And my trusty pen and paper always seem to be here. I seem to find the greatest comfort in historic and heritage buildings. The details and decoration are always enjoyable to sketch. (So much better than boring modernism IN MY OPINION). I sketched customs house today in Sydney. The interior is so modern its scary. I really liked the variety of lights they used. Take note, the old looking chandelier light is actually made of bright red plastic! 😮