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Fun Times

What a funny day today. I met my friend caitlin for a catch up with the weekly stories and a adventure in the village and up the mountain, and of course the op shops. We always get board though and start making crazy things up and dressing up in the shops. We were actually looking for some witches hats and costumes for a harry potter tour we are going on soon! it involves learning magic spells, getting sorted into houses and catching the hogwarts express! i know… its probably a thing for little kids… but we’ve been fans for longer than them!!! anyway it will be really fun and exciting. its up the very top of the blue mountains in an old steam train so looking forward to it. there will definitely be photos when that happens.

We got so hungry today because we forgot about lunch, and we went to about 3 places, sat down, pretended to talk on the phone and left because we didn’t like the food, and ended up going to get pizza. And because we were so hungry we ate it on a bench in the middle of everything (the last photo). we must have looked like hobo’s. but it was funny. i’m so tired from laughing!

PS. I’m going to be posting something, maybe later today or tomorrow that ive been wanting to do for a while.