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Why Cant I Build my Fantasies?

Left: Mui Mui 2011 (, Right: The Carrington Katoomba (Wikipedia)

I tell you what I don’t understand… Why in fashion can you do absolutely anything you want that derives from the past and bygone era’s, from the victorian to the 1950’s, and it will always be current as long as it walks down a runway and is coveted by celebs, models and the media. But when it comes to modern architecture, If you are inspired by the Neoclassic’s and symmetry (a big no no in the contemporary world of architecture) then its looked on as naive, backwards and ignorant. Im speaking here as an architecture student who is obsessed with the past, always taking inspiration from work buildings, graphics and art created before my time. And if i had my way everything I designed would be based on a Palladian Villa with a William Morris interior, and Art Nouveau detailing and anyone who enters must be dressed in Deco style. But according to anyone in the industry that would be just laughable. Well Im not laughing!

Left: Alexander McQueen 2011, Right: Queen Victoria Building

The reason this gets to me is because in fashion you CAN create such things inspired by various times in history, you CAN look back and you can still be progressive while doing it. So why can’t we do that in architecture without being patronised? My final undergraduate project was classed as “fantasy” because building in such styles as the Art Nouveau and Deco are just plain old. Its been done they tell me. Of course I disagree and this semester will be creating my own little piece of neoclassical architecture for myself and as an experiment. Let us see what they say…