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Another Page Done

Finally finished another page of my story. The problem with doing something that takes a while is that when you come up with an idea, or a story in this case, the longer it sits in your brain waiting to be vomited up, it becomes less interesting by the day. Maybe thats just me. always looking for something new. I think its a problem that many of us have that prevents us from continuing on with things because they get boring and we want to do something new. but its only through perseverance that can complete a large project. So my tip to you… stick with an idea no matter how stupid is seems to feel after a while. because once you’ve finished it you have experience and you can start on something new.

Meanwhile heres another page from my story. making a wish in the fountain is what my little character is doing. can you see him throwing the coin? well im starting on my next drawing now. i already know what im drawing and i have this really great idea about connecting two of the drawings but don’t want to spoil the surprise!


Uni Begins…

I start uni again tomorrow and while i’m apprehensive about the amount of work i’ll be getting, i’m glad my mind will be getting in gear for some intense design thinking. I just wanted to put up some drawings I did last year for a project in Prague. While I think the project was pretentious, irrelevant and downright disgusting (an anatomy theatre inside an old gothic church) I enjoyed drawings the landscape of Prague. And even though the roof plan took me three days of drawing roof tiles on every single building, I think it was worth it (even if my tutors didn’t) 😉