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Photos: Road Trip!

We all want to escape sometimes don’t we? Do you have moments to want to run away into the middle of nowhere and go on an adventure, with no consideration of reality or responsibility. I have this feeling everyday, and this manifests into constant day dreaming and changing reality to suit my fantasy (mainly based around Narnia). But a road trip, an adventure to an unvisited place is a physical realisation of the alternate reality i’m living in. I went with my good friend Viv on an adventure to Bathurst which is about 2 hours from where we live. We go on many photo taking adventures, usually to the same place, so venturing somewhere we havnt been before was really exciting!

It was also a chance to test out my new camera! I’ve moved into the digital world with my new Nikon D3100 DSLR. Not that I won’t be using my film camera’s anymore, but the immediacy of a digital camera is so convenient.

In all it was a very successful adventure which involved dining at the Acropole, a restaurant that claimed to have the best coffee in town, as well as visiting a begonia green house which was such a visual treat with the many colours and textures. However we did think that they were fake on first arrival.

The best feeling was driving in the country side where there are just empty fields and long mountain ranges stretching across the winding roads. With the windows down and the cold air rushing through, we felt very free indeed.


Lunch with the Grandparents

I have to apologise for not posting for a few days. I’ve been thinking about the design and layout of the blog and couldn’t post anything until I changed it. meanwhile I will probably change it 500 times before the end of the year BUT hopefully not. I’m happy with it for the moment. Let me know what you think about it!?

So a few days ago, on the weekend, we had lunch at the grandparents which is always a food filled affair, leaving you bulging at the waistline. Being cypriots thats what you would expect from them. But it is funny being half greek cypriot and half australian, and observing how the two families get along. and amazingly they get on very well! And its also entertaining to watch the misinterpretations and language barrier problems.Honestly its a sitcom waiting to happen.

Looking at the photo i’m just realising how much colour there is in my grandparents house. I never really thought about the colourful, conglomeration of objects hanging everywhere, only that they were kitsch. damn, those photos are making me hungry.


Today was an intensely boring day at uni until I came across bird man! It was hot, and uni is really not fun so bad moods were in the air. Then as I was dragging myself to the train station to come home I saw an old man feeding the birds around the pond in the park at uni. There were so many surrounding his feet it was unbelievable. It looked like they  were eating him (they probably would have). Now its lucky I had my camera over my shoulder at the ready because a little kid just ran at the birds as I was aiming and I got a great shot of them flying away. Thanks bird man and little brat for giving me at least one good photo out of 24! (the other shots are just around uni)