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I am very confused at the moment about life. About where i’m going and what i’m doing and everything thats happening to me. 2011 is definately turning out to be a year of despair and destruction. And i’m not just talking about myself. There has been natural disasters one after the other; The Queensland floods and huricane, bush fires in various parts of Australia and of course the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My thoughts go out to all involved and think its a good idea for you to all donate.

But life goes on, even though it seems it never will and sometimes it just isn’t the same again but you have to keep going. Time waits for no one. And my trusty pen and paper always seem to be here. I seem to find the greatest comfort in historic and heritage buildings. The details and decoration are always enjoyable to sketch. (So much better than boring modernism IN MY OPINION). I sketched customs house today in Sydney. The interior is so modern its scary. I really liked the variety of lights they used. Take note, the old looking chandelier light is actually made of bright red plastic! 😮



Signe Chanel is a documentary of the process of creation of a haute couture collection for Chanel. I’ve watched it twice and find the whole process facinating. I love all the characters and the workmanship and Karl Lagerfeld‘s sketches, and how the small drawings he creates with pen and pastels become a collection of real life clothing. (Above is my own little Chanel inspired sketch with some experimentation with the few pastels I own).

I’ve pieced together two sketches from the film (the camera glances over them quickly so heres a better look!). Lagerfeld’s fashion illustrations are are so french and tres chic.

One thing I love about the film is that it shows all the people working on the clothing, and all of them are real crafters from the Chanel Seamstresses, to the shoe makers to the braid maker. And all within the vicinity of Paris!

Its a very enjoyable documentary and gives a little insight into what really goes on behind the scenes of a major fashion label like Chanel. The Documentary is in 5 episodes which are all broken up into 10 minute videos on youtube so you can watch the whole series on there! Start from Episode 1 Part 1 HERE and work your way on from there! Enjoy!

Write me a letter

Its raining today which is nice. I’m so glad the weather is cooling down because I can’t stand sweaty, hot days. I’ve been sketching with my quill and ink (which is fast running out!). I have some gold ink which I’ve been desperately wanting to experiment with but not sure what to draw with it?

This building was actually the local post office when I was younger. However today it is a vintage shop, and barely recognisable from what it used to be. Its not a very good vintage shop either which is disappointing because the interior is fantastic. maybe a sketch of the interior is where I can use my gold ink…

Melbourne Sketches

Not feeling so great right now. Just decided to post a few sketches that I did in melbourne last year. Just walking around the streets and sketching, adding notes and little thoughts that came to my head while doing so. Thinking I’ll take out my camera this arvo and capture some pictures. Haven’t done any photo taking in a while and need something therapeutic to take my mind of things.

Prince of Podcasts

Something that i would recommend to everyone is a podcast called ‘Stuff you missed in History Class‘. It is my favourite podcast about little pockets of history. And I suggest that all of you listen to it. I love the two hosts and how they are so interested in what they are talking about. very enjoyable. Its funny though its kind of a secret with my friends as I don’t mention it to them. If they ask what Im listening to I say “Oh… umm just some music…”. I actually don’t know why because I love doing podcasts and audio books. Anyway… the whole point of this is that quite a few of the podcast episodes i’ve listened to lately have been about young children rising to the throne, and usually coming to tragic ends. I was thinking about these poor kings and princes and the feeling of having a whole kingdom in your control! what a thought. And what a place to be thinking about this but in my architectural technologies class :/ And this prince or King came flowing out of my pen. Im not sure if he is asleep or if he has been poisoned!

Meet Cindy and Tina. My lunch buddy and I have a strange fascination with these two girls names. I don’t know why… But in kind of related news, today while browsing the books at the uni bookshop (I couldn’t resist buying two) we went to our usual spot at the section of children’s books and all the fantastic illustrations. Thats when we decided to have a competition/assignment between us. We have to create our own children’s book before next monday lunch. It’s quite exciting actually. I can’t wait to see what we both come up with. I shall keep you posted.

A Day well spent

What a surprise, I spent the day scribbling in my sketch book instead of doing uni work. It rained for about 5 minutes today with a slight bit of thunder but I wish it lasted longer! I desperately want it to rain in this heat. And rainy, stormy, windy weather is my favourite!

Today I asked someone who their favourite illustrator was, and their answer was Aubrey Beardsley. So I looked them up and… OMG I love his drawings and seen them in so many books, but never knew his name. I tried out this border above when i was looking at some of his illustrations which have ornate borders. This is definitely something I will be working on and experimenting with.

What shall I Buy Today?